Actually no, sociopath is correct here. It doesn't necessarily have to mean loving to cause harm, or a lack of impulse control. Sociopaths just have no regard for authority, morals / social norms, no comprehension of consequences, and no empathy for others. It's just a different way the mind works, they're not always… » 9/07/14 12:27pm 9/07/14 12:27pm

I drive an FR-S (an already underpowered car) at 8,000 feet. It's incredibly slow up here. Leaving work, I have to turn, from the parking lot, left onto a busy 2-lane highway. It takes the full rev range to get up to speed and not get my ass run down. » 9/07/14 12:13pm 9/07/14 12:13pm

NYC has some taxi cabs that are actually police. Because most of the crown vic taxis are ex-police interceptors, they're completely indistinguishable. LED red and blues are hidden, and the typical equipment is out of sight. I've also seen undercover white panel vans, a blue Nissan Altima, and a couple other… » 8/12/14 10:53am 8/12/14 10:53am

I should clarify: traffic in AZ moves 80-90, which is why I don't tow out here (and if I had to, I'd avoid freeways). Most of my towing experience is in the southeast, where traffic moves 65-70 on the freeway and the drivers are terrifyingly bad. Depending on tow vehicle and trailer weight, I tow between 55-65. On the… » 8/11/14 2:47pm 8/11/14 2:47pm