I really like this... only issue I have with it (and other touch screen infotainment systems) is screen brightness while driving at night. Auto-dimming at night is nice, but I wish more would offer a single physical button (easy to find without looking) that would turn the screen OFF. » 1/04/15 8:49pm 1/04/15 8:49pm

You're both doing it wrong — I have an FRS, and I routinely get 36-40mpg on the freeway. Best average was 55mpg, but it was mostly downhill. And yes, that's US mpg. If I speed up to 75-85, I'll see 33-35, but I like to keep my speed low and cruise / enjoy stellar fuel economy. The sweet spot is right around 60-65mph… » 1/04/15 8:39pm 1/04/15 8:39pm

United left me stranded in Dallas after holding us on the plane for 3 hours in Little Rock. Offered to charge me a few hundred dollars to get me on a flight to Phoenix that wouldn't leave Dallas until noon the following day. Of course, no accommodation, food, or anything else would be provided. » 12/28/14 5:03pm 12/28/14 5:03pm

funny you mention that. I got stranded at DFW Sunday night, after my AA flight from Little Rock was delayed by 3 hours (due to winds), and I missed my connecting flight to Phoenix. AA said it was my fault for missing my connection, and told me that I would have to pay full price to get on their flight at noon on… » 11/25/14 1:39pm 11/25/14 1:39pm